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Our Frequently asked Questions

Home visits are only available for regular patients within a 3 km distance of the practice in exceptional cases only and are subject to the tenant doctor’s availability. Please call early in the day so a visit can be organised. A $200 fee applies. Home visit times are normally between 1pm – 2pm

This is for general inquiries only, Practice does not communicate with the patient via email regards to their health or their family member’s health matter. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL THESE DETAILS TO THE PRACTICE.

Tenant Doctors in the Practice may be contacted during normal surgery hours. If the tenant doctor is with a patient, a message will be taken and you will be advised by the receptionist when it is likely that the tenant doctor will return your call. Your call will always be put through to a tenant doctor in an emergency.

All medical records are confidential and are securely stored in a lockable cabinet out of public reach and by passwords on our computer system. Your personal information may be disclosed to other health professionals such as specialists for your continued quality of care.

You have the right to access your personal information, subject to exceptions allowed by law. If you would like to do so, please let us know. You may be required to put your request in writing for security reasons. Executive reserves the right to charge a fee for searching for, and providing access to, your information on a per request basis.
For more information about Medical Records – A Guide for Patients:

We are constantly striving to provide our patients with the best possible care and attention. If you have any problems, suggestions or complaints, we would like to hear them. Please feel free to talk to the Tenant Doctors or the Practice Manager. There is a suggestion box for your feedback if you prefer to write to us. All concerns, suggestions, and complaints are taken seriously. If you feel that you need to take the matter and wish to discuss the matter outside the surgery, there are several options available. Eg NSW Medical Board mail@hpca.nsw.gov .au or the Health Care Complaint Commission hccc@hccc.nsw.gov.au