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Providing the highest quality in primary care

The Dyvest Group was founded over 20 years ago by a hardworking, well respected General Practitioner, and has evolved from a company which successfully owns and operates Medical Centres, to a service based Company which provides expert management and support services to Medical Centres and General Practices.

Our experienced team of Healthcare management professionals including experienced Practice Management operatives along with Accounting, IT, HR, Property and Facilities Management staff are able to streamline systems to maximise efficiencies and reduce the time that tenant doctors spend on the non-core activities of running their practices so that they can concentrate on delivering health care solutions to their patients.

The experience we have gained while managing a number of practices over the years has contributed to our broad experience which enables us to quickly find solutions to issues which may never have occur normally in the day to day running of most practices.

We are dedicated to supporting tenant doctors in every way possible so that they can spend their time seeing patients. Our methodology has enabled tenant doctors to achieve their objectives which include increasing their income, transitioning to retirement, providing cover during leave absences or gaining a work life balance.

Key to our success is ensuring that the Medical Centre/Practice retains its identity within the community it serves by retaining the same tenant doctors and staff, with only the back office activities and support changing, allowing all staff to do what they do best, which we have found produces the best, most efficient results for everyone.